Our Methods

In order to achieve the developmental goals for each child we have devised a unique method that fuses the learning from several leading international methods of early childhood education with our own proprietary program.

Our unique curriculum has been developed and perfected in Silicon Valley over the past ten years

Accelerated Learning Program

Developed over ten years in Silicon Valley, focuses on the cognitive, language, and communication skill development of the child. The program incorporates math, science, language (reading and writing), public speaking and communication skills.

Emergent Curriculum

We take best practices to foster creativity and imagination, personal, emotional and social development, skills in the creative arts and gross and fine motor skills in each child. This ensures that children pursue their interests. They are guided by their teachers while at the same time developing their imagination through creative play, aided and unaided story time and a variety of other methods.


Safari Kid customizes the program to the learning capacity of each child. Customization of learning is achieved not only through our high teacher to student ratio but is embedded in the program through our unique curriculum and lessons. In essence, children learn in stages and advance only once they’ve mastered the previous stage, with each stage of learning serving as a base for the next.

The three pillars of our program ensure that we meet all of our developmental objectives in a fun, caring, nurturing environment, and at a pace that every child is individually comfortable with. Our experience has shown us that academically children attending Safari Kid tend to be at least one grade ahead of their peers in primary school. Our students stand out as natural leaders in a group and are able to communicate effectively with peers and elders. Safari Kids are more creative problem solvers who demonstrate more imagination and creativity than their peers.