After School

At Safari Kid, we believe that our parents should feel pride in their decision to enrich their child’s education. This is why we have designed an after-school program with depth, structured not only to create a solid foundation of academic core learning, but that will also foster extra-curricular interests and skills as well.

This balanced approach provides children with the all-encompassing advantage they will need to succeed in today’s competitive world. Safari Kid’s after school program is not a babysitting service. It is a comprehensive education program for K-8 that is carefully crafted to not only help students master the work they are currently doing in school, but challenge them to build their skill set, employ critical thinking skills, refine the study skills that they already have, and learn new approaches to managing all areas of their academic lives.

Students who are already enrolled in Safari Kid are proof of the accelerated learning that results from this program. Through the completion of a specialized after school packet program that focuses on mathematics and language arts, Safari Kid students consistently test above grade level and earn awards for academic achievement. These packets are based upon the current set of national standards, which are globally competitive the Common Core Standards. The parent satisfaction levels due to this prevailing phenomenon of academic achievement tells its own story of victory. Our parents are eager to boast about the positive role Safari Kid plays in their children’s lives, and we are proud they have chosen to be a part of our family.

Beyond the academic advantages that Safari Kid offers, and the joy that the parents feel because of this, it is also important to note that children genuinely enjoy being a part of the Safari Kid experience. Children are at the hearts of every Safari Kid employee, and they are nurtured into wanting to succeed. They thrive because of the balance between academics and enrichment. They feel empowered knowing that they will receive the individualized instruction they need to be successful in school, but also that they can try a new activity in a safe environment. Safari Kid after school program masterfully creates a win-win-win situation for all child, parent, and teacher.

Critical thinking
Languages (Spanish, Hindi)
Public speaking & Personality Development
Logical thinking
Computer Classes