At the Safari Kid preschool, our balanced and well-researched preschool curriculum is an ideal combination of Social-emotional development, play, development of skills and structured academics for Kindergarten readiness and more.

We design the children’s learning experiences by the child’s individual learning capacity and not by age.

Our preschool program is categorized into four different levels.

Booklet System
Is a Proprietary tool to enhance structured academics for kindergarten preparedness, inclusive of mathematics, pre-writing skills, and phonics.
Hands-on constructed knowledge through explorations and scientific inquiry.
Social Studies
World Awareness, Social-emotional development, and self-help skills.
Music and movement
Recreational moves to music.
Semi-Structured Recreational Physical Activities.
Creative Arts
Unleashing creativity and imagination of each child! Early experiences with art materials and basic techniques are explored.
Specialized Morning Routines
Focus on creating an environment of security and participation in group times for children.
Creative Thinking
The Creative Arts and Literacy program enhances language skills and imagination.