Preschool - Level 1

An active learning class for early learners. Our classroom environments are ideal for fostering secure attachments and the child’s needs are well attended to by well trained and nurturing staff. We foster your child’s social-emotional development.

The curriculum is dynamic and interactive. The children explore through their senses and free play. Small and large group times give children an opportunity to form relationships and a love for school. Our Specialized Morning Routines, Booklet Practice, and Story Time foster children’s emergent language skills. We introduce children to Alphabets, Phonics, Basic Science Concepts and Basic Number Sense. Repeated opportunities to foster gross motor skills, fine motor skills, creative arts, music, and movement are provided every day.

Highlights of our Level 1 Curriculum

  • Music and Movement Public Speaking
  • Dramatic Play Creative Arts
  • Story Time Free Play
  • TEMBO Talks (Safari Kid Proprietary Curriculum) Finger Tips (Safari Kid Proprietary Curriculum)
  • SMR (Safari Kid Proprietary Curriculum) Booklet System (Safari Kid Proprietary Curriculum)
  • TEMBO Physical Play (Safari Kid Proprietary Curriculum) STEAM Classes