Preschool - Level 2

An engaging classroom laying the foundation for the 21st Century skills. The curriculum is based on Safari kid Monthly Thematic Approach. Social-Emotional awareness is enhanced through participation in class discussions and modeling of positive discipline.All areas of Kindergarten Preparedness are effectively supported by our curriculum.Our Proprietary Booklet practice enhances mathematical number sense, basic mathematical concepts, and spatial knowledge. The curriculum covers areas of introduction to vowels, sight words and other language concepts.

Scientific inquiry is enhanced and constructive knowledge of basic science concepts is encouraged in our STEAM classes.Early literacy skills are enhanced through rich literacy materials and Specialized Morning Routines.We boost children’s confidence through our public speaking class.

Our curriculum fosters imagination through creative arts and literacy integrated programs.Free play, TEMBO semi-structured physical play, music and movement and unlimited opportunities to foster creativity, fun and free explorations in small and large group settings are provided in our daily schedule.

Level 2 - Highlights

STEAM Classes
Music and Movement
TEMBO Physical Play (Safari Kid Proprietary Curriculum)
Story Explorers (Safari Kid Proprietary Curriculum)
Creative Arts
Public Speaking
Booklet System (Safari Kid Proprietary Curriculum)
SMR (Safari Kid Proprietary Curriculum)
Dramatic Play
Free play
TEMBO Talks (Safari Kid Proprietary Curriculum)
Creative Literacy (Safari Kid Proprietary Curriculum)