Field Trips

On each Friday, children will go on a field trip that will be matched to that week’s theme.


Every week, children will learn the aspects of a country, including culture, currency, food, clothing, history, location, and language. Students will be given activities like crosswords and word searches based to the week’s country. They will be taught common words of that country’s language.

Fun Facts

The fun facts activity is an interactive activity for kids where they will be exposed to lots of fun facts about the week’s theme. Students will also get a chance to share facts they know and to expand their knowledge about the weekly subject.

Current Affairs

Once a week, children will learn the latest news items about the week’s activity such as new inventions, trends, or researches.

Group Discussion

In the group discussion, children will be divided into teams and will debate about a topic connected or related to the weekly activity. Students will learn how to present a strong argument, and how to evaluate whether an argument is strong or weak.

Other Activities

Young Chef, Theater, Public Speaking, Spelling Bee, Math, English, Arts & Craft, Science, Bollywood Dance, Board Games, and Talent Show