Auxilia William

I was one of the first teachers’ at Safari Kid. I am a teacher at heart and love the opportunity to nurture the future leaders to help effect positive social change to the world. I currently manage the Safari Kid centers in Milpitas, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Mountain View, Sterling, Allen which not only fills my cup to the brim, but also my heart because it’s the job I love to do the most. My specialties include child-centered learning, service learning, standards-based assessment, curriculum writing and training. In a “previous life” I was a state level chess player and athlete winning many awards and recognition. I have completed Masters in Commerce and has several units related to child care and Montessori education. I discovered my passion for teaching in high school where I taught under-privileged children. My love for teaching brought me to Safari Kid and I cannot wait to see it grow and establish itself throughout the world helping and caring for children. I consider Safari Kid as an opportunity to pursue my dream of bringing world-class education and care for children around the world.